Parade the Circle is the Cleveland Museum of Art's most spectacular art and community event.  The international and national guest artists and musicians join the amazing local artists and the huge Cleveland community to put on one of the most explosive color, art and music events in the midwest for a crowd that has grown to 80,000 people.   As a guest artist, large-scale puppets, masks and street-theater are created and performed for this carnival style parade.  For more information:

Years of participation:  2014 and the 25th anniversary for Parade the Circle, 2009, 2005, 2004 and 2003.


2014 and the 25th Anniversary of Parade the Circle

"Prehistoric Party" by Sharon Epperson, Mary Jo Nikolai and Amy Ballestad (a.k.a. Uncle Bob's Girls)
Rising from the land of discarded things, the Prehistoric Party reinvents rubbish.  

-Glyptodon by Sharon Epperson
-Sabre-Tooth Tiger by Mary Jo Nikolai
-Giant Mammoth by Mary Jo Nikolai and Amy Ballestad
-Caveman and Cavewoman Extras
Photos by Philip Brutz

"Monkeys and Tricksters" by Sharon Epperson and Mary Jo Nikolai (a.k.a. Uncle Bob's Girls)
Tricksters chasing ringleaders; Monkeys hopping trains; The spiral of black and white began to shimmer.  (our line from the Parade's theme and poem "Beguiling the Penumbra")


-Double Face and Body Man Trickster by Sharon Epperson
-Double Face and Body Coyote Girl Trickster by Mary Jo Nikolai 
-Large Trickster's Mask by Julian McFaul

-Monkey Train by Mary Jo Nikolai and Sharon Epperson
-Monkey Extras



"Bone Voyage" by Mary Jo Nikolai, Amy Ballestad and Sharon Epperson (a.k.a. Uncle Bob's Girls)
Are the dinosaurs really extinct? Will the pompous paleontologists discover eggs best left unhatched?

-Tyrannosaurus Rex by Mary Jo Nikolai
-Stegosaurus by Amy Ballestad
-Stilting Pterodactyl by Mary Jo Nikolai, Amy Ballestad and Sharon Epperson
-Cavewomen extras